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Toparchery Takedown Laminated Recurve Bow 58" Archery Hunting Wood Longbow Adult 35/40/45/50/55/60lbs

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A classic look on a takedown recurve bow
Beautiful wooden textures and traditional feeling
Takes down for easy packing and storage
Limbs are constructed of bamboo
Backed and faced with black high strength fiberglass
Shoots like a dream
Actual brace height: 17-17.5cm
Recommended brace height: 16-17cm
String length: 140cm-141cm/55"
Riser Length: 16"
Draw Length: 28"
58" length on a 16" riser

* Unstring when you don't use the bow
* Put the bow in a dry and cool environment
* Don't overdrawing the bow
* Choose correct arrows according to your draw weight

Package included:
1 bow with bowstring

The riser is a glossy walnut colored laminate, very nice finish and shape cut to center. The shelf and side plate both have a great radius.

The limb butts are not just squared off and stuck on the riser but have appealing angles and match the riser contours nicely.

Good choice for the back-packing hunter who also hunts from tree stands and blinds. With a mass weight around 1.5 kg and the maneuverability of a 58" bow, Huntingdoor offers a serious competition to much more expensive recurves.

Smooth and nicely radiused with no chance or cutting strings.

Shoots very nice and the grip fits like a glove. This bow is a fantastic value.

More Information
Brand TopArchery
Free Delivery Yes
Dexterity Right Hand
Bow Length 58in/147cm
Draw Length 28"
Draw Weight 35/40/45/50/55/60lbs
Color Multi-Colored
Materials Bamboo, Fiberglass, Wood
Condition New
Delivery Time 5-15 business days
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