12x 100-grain Blue/Silver Screw-in Archery Broadheads with Alloy Box For Hunting

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Arrowhead type: broadhead
Screw size: 8-32 screw thread
Weight: 7g / 100 grains
Weight of 1 box of 6 arrowheads: 65g
This item includes 12x arrowheads
Pattern diameter: 9mm
Packing: metal alloy box
Disassembled in the box
Bead diameter: 5mm
Cutting diameter: 27.4mm
Arrowhead overall length: 71mm
Arrowhead overall width: 28mm
Box dimension of 6 arrowheads: 204x116mm
Blade thickness: 0.4mm
Blade sharpness: 0.7
3-blade arrowheads
Color: blue/silver
Arrowhead tip color: black
Material: steel (not carbon steel)
The standard 8-32 screw thread makes it fit most carbon arrows, aluminum arrows and fiberglass arrows.
The metal box makes it easy to carry with.
The arrowheads come disassembled in the metal box, and you need to assemble them.
Please be careful when assembling the arrowheads.

This package includes 12 arrowheads.

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