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Arrow Heads

These are awesome. I am actiually using them as heads for Slingshot darts and they fit perfectly into the darts that I made. Wonderful!

Are these correct?

The nock is on sideways,so the fletches don’t clear the bow….

Nice arrows

Shoot well from 50lb recurve bow

Great service and product

Arrived on time and true firing arrow with the right balance needed to hit the target consistently

Great work-horse arrows for heavier Bows

The 350spine Carbon arrows with 6" Parabolic feathers make great practice arrows for heavier Bows. Even for those of us with longer draws ( I draw 30" ) these arrows are long enough. The shafts are good quality and the longer fletching certainly gets the arrows straightened out in front of your eyes. They have the standard threaded insert if you want to experiment with other tips...I found they work very well with 125grain field tips and I add some Locktite to stop them coming loose. My only fault ( which is minor ) is that they have nock protectors which often rattle on firing as they are slightly loose. A tiny dab of super glue will remedy this. They aren't really heavy enough for hunting, unless you add a great deal of front weight, but as practice arrows they are excellent for the price.

Customer service and products

Excellent customer service, and products are fantastic

Camo backquiver

Works superbly,. Strong,comfortable and easy to adjust. Room for all small bits needed

Mini Crossbow Bolts

When I got my mini crossbow, it came with 3 bolts that were below par. I am so grateful that Hunting Door sells these high quality bolts whose shafts are made of tough carbon material. They have improved my marksmanship quite significantly. Hunting Door also provided me with outstanding customer service, and as soon as I am able, I intend to purchase more of these bolts from them.

50x 4"/5" Shield Black Feathers

Wooden Arrows for heavy Bows??

I have numerous traditional bows up to 70lbs. I have found that middle range carbon arrows at around 400 spine CAN be shot from just about any bow, however. the lack of MASS starts to have a real bearing. I experimented with adding mass by inserting a full length of nylon or dowel but these always rattle. So finally I found these Wooden Arrows from Hunting Door. They aren't rated on the usual SPINE chart but are supposed to be okay for I think 40lbs right through to about 60lbs....and I basically agree with that. The only fault is the lack of a threaded insert, so you can't change your tips ( although you can cut and add a threaded adaptor that Hunting Door sell ) Also I found the nocks to be excessively open. They have a good mass, they do look great and fire well from my bows from about 40lbs to about 50lbs...anything more than that they are a bit spine weak. Great price though!

Heavenly soul ILF recurve

Great service, prompt delivery, good clear communication. Bow is excellent quality, shoots very well, very good value.

Bow strings

Definitely exceeded expectations


The quality far away from perfect but acceptable if considering the price. After some detailed work on limbs the bow become a good back up weapon for hunting.

great first bow and arrow set

This was my first bow and arrow set its really good arrows work well only had one split hitting wood fast shipping everything comes in the picture will buy it again and highly recommend

50 lb limbs

nice limbs have lots of power

Broke immediately

Broke immediately

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your feedback!

As mentioned in emails, please take a video to show the bow's poundage at the draw length of 28'. So we can check the problems here.

If the problem is our products, we will be sure to send replacements.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!
Brian C.

19 inch ilf hunting riser

Amazing feel in hand absolutely no hand shock using 50lb limbs can't believe the quality for the price keep up the good work

Mongolian Traditional Recurve Bow Carbon Arrows Kit Bow Bag Armguard Finger Tab Thumb Ring String Wax Recreational Camping Hiking

TopArchery Traditional Mongolian Horse Recurve Bow 6x Arrow Set Handmade Archery Accessories for Shooting Target Practice 30-50lbs

Great service, great product

Great communication through whole ordering process, constant updates. Package(s) arrived well packed and non damaged. Product exactly as displayed and super happy with.

Perfect for our advanced beginners

I’m a coach at an archery club and have purchased these limbs for our advanced beginners as they move up in bow weight.
Perfect limbs for this level of archery, they look and perform great!
Value is 5 stars.
Great communication with seller too.
Will buy from them again