12x 31" Skinny Slim OD 6mm ID 4.2mm Spine 600 Fletched Pure Carbon Archery Arrows Shield Vanes

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'- Arrow shaft length: 31"/78cm
- Arrow overall length: 32"
- Shaft color: Black
- Spine: 600
- Straightness: around 0.003
- Material: pure carbon
- Weight: 22g
- Inner Diameter: 4.2mm
- Outer Diameter: 6mm
- Fletching: 1.75" plastic vanes
- Fletching color: green and white
- Arrowhead type: fixed field point (not replaceable)
- Nock type: pin nock
- Pin nock bushing can protect the arrow shaft

Smaller diameters provide less resistance and arrows fly faster.

The nock is designed to be rotatable to fit both compound and recurve bows. We recommend you to glue the nock on the insert to avoid nock loosing or loss if you shoot the arrow on one sort of compound bow or recurve bow.

When you glue the nock for traditional bow, please make sure the nock groove and the cock feather (The feather differs than other 2 same feathers in color) are in vertical orientation. That means the cock feather points to the left (point out) on traditional bow. This keeps the arrow from deflecting off the bow.
For Whisker Biscuit on compound bow, the cock feather must point up.

This package includes 12 arrows.
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