Bowstring Serving Jig with Thread Wax

Bowstring Serving Jig with Thread Wax

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Bowstring Serving Jig
* Material: brass, iron
* Size: 6.5x7.2x3.5 cm
* Suitable for bowstrings maintenance of traditional one-piece bows, modern takedown bows, recurve bows and etc

Bowstring Wax
* Main components: polymer PE wax, 4430 surfactant and vaseline
* Color: white
* Packaging color: black
* Material: solid wax
* Wax content: 99.5%
* Shelf life: one year
* Net weight: 5g

Thread Cord Line

* Material: Dyneema (high-modulus polyethylene, HMPE)
* Color: Blue/Black/Black-white/Green/Red/White/Yellow
* Thread length: 110m
* Strand type: 400D3
* 3 strands diameter: 0.4mm
* Net weight: 18g
* Weight of 58 rolls: 1kg
* Applicable string types: traditional bowstrings and modern takedown bowstrings
* Can be used as kite string, bowstring serving material, sewing thread and etc
* Tie center nocking point to hold and support your arrow
* Tie serving thread for string maintenance

This package includes 1 serving jig, 1 wax and 1 roll of serving thread.