Kids Takedown Bow Sucker Arrows Kit


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This package includes:
1 kid bow with string
6 sucker arrows
1 piece of 40x40 paper target
1 arm guard

* Suitable for 6-10 year old children, young teens who want to get into archery.
* Made of compression-molded fiberglass material with suck arrowheads for kids.
* This ambidextrous bow is designed for both right and left hands. It has built-in duo left and right arrow rests.
* Come with an arm guard and a 40x40 paper target.
* Come with 6 sucker arrows.
* This bow has finger saver rubber on the string to protect the shooter's finger.
* The kit item will save your time to choose individual items and ready for shooting.

Bow name: Black 15-20 lbs Kids Takedown Bow
* Color: Black
* Draw Weight: 15-20 lbs
* Bow length: 45.2 inches/115cm
* Brace height: 7 inches/18cm
* Weight: 600 g
Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 2-5 lbs difference.

Arrow name: 25" Kids Sucker Fiberglass Arrows
* Color: black
* Length: 25"
* Shaft Material: fiberglass
* Weight: 30g

Paper Target name: Huwairen 40x40cm Target Face
* Size: 40*40cm

Silicone armguard name: Silicone Armguard with Vent Holes
* Color: black
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